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Support - How to convert Flv to AVI (XVid MPEG-4 Codec)

Learn more about AVI:
AVI known as Audio Video Interleaved is a file format that combines voice and video synchronously. It uses a lossy compression to video file while in high quality, so even if the picture quality is not that well it is widely applied. AVI supports 256 colors and RLE compression. AVI information is mainly in multimedia CD to save television, film and many other video data.

The simple steps to convert Flv to AVI (XVid MPEG-4 Codec):

1. Run FlashRip 2.0 after installing it.

2. Select the Flv file from local disk and click “Files -> Select local file to convert” button to add .flv file.

3. Click “Settings” button, and switch from tab “General” to “Convert” to choose output format.

4. Check “Convert to below format” and choose the output format AVI from pull-down manu.

5. Right-click the selected Flv file on FlashRip list, click “convert selected files”, after that the conversion will be processed promptly.



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