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How to rip soundcloud audio stream, rip mp3 music stream from soundcloud
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SoundCloud - SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform which allows musicians to collaborate, promote and distribute their music.
FlashRip is a soundcloud audio ripper and converter, easy to rip mp3 stream from soundcloud.

It is the simplest Shoudcloud audio Ripper and converter to use - just Copy the track's link to rip, then load them into iPhone, iPod, PSP, Zune, Xbox and other.

Software requirement: FlashRip 1.41 or higher version

Step by Step: Using FlashRip as a Soundcloud audio Ripper and Converter

1. Download and install FlashRip 1.41 or higher version

2. Open soundcloud.com and search the songs.

3. Copy the track's link (http://soundcloud.com/love-2/sets/pop-drumandbass/)

4. Run FlashRip (You can select "NO" when the "Start Monitoring" window is shown).

5. Select "Files -> Enter URL to Rip" menu, paste the copied URL to editbox, click "OK" button to rip.

6. FlashRip start to rip the track's mp3 file.

4. If a conversion preset is selected, FlashRip will automatically convert the ripped soundcloud audio stream when rip finished.

NOTE: The soundcloud's song audio files are MP3, so you need not convert them. You can upload directly them to your iPhone, iPod, and other.



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