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How to rip tvn.cl video stream, rip/capture tvn.cl tv television(rtmp, flv)
tvn.cl - Televisión Nacional de Chile. Sitio oficial de TVN. Sucupira, Revólver, Borrón y Cuenta Nueva, Buenos Días a Todos, 24 Horas, Informe Especial, Tierra Adentro, Sussi, La Noche Mundial, Medianoche, Mea Culpa, Pase lo que Pase, El Mirador, Jaque Mate. Programación nacional e internacional, deportes y noticias.
FlashRip is a tvn.cl video Ripper and Converter.

It is the simplest tvn.cl Ripper and Converter to use - just start capturing and it will automatically detect and rip Music, Video and Radio streams and then convert them into iPhone, iPod, PSP, Zune, Xbox and other

Step by Step: Using FlashRip as a tvn.cl Ripper and Converter

1. Click "Capture URL" button, and start URL sniffer

2. Select a conversion setting from the dropdown list if required.

3. Navigate to and start to play a video stream on tvn.cl.

4. FlashRip will automatically detect and begin to rip the stream video and audio.

5. If a conversion preset is selected FlashRip will automatically convert the ripped tvn.cl stream when rip finished.




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