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How to rip audio(MP3, ACC) from, extract songs from youtube videos Bookmark and Share
Youtube - A place to discover, watch, upload and share videos.
FlashRip is a youtube audio Ripper and Converter.

It is the simplest youtube audio Ripper and Converter to use - just start capturing and it will automatically detect and rip Music, audio streams and then convert them into iPhone, iPod, PSP, Zune, Xbox and other

Step by Step: Using FlashRip as a youtube music audio Ripper and Converter

1.Launch FlashRip(Full version)

2.Select the "MP3 High Quality(160 Kbps)" format from list.

3.Open "", and copy the video's URL(Link):

4.Select "Files -> Enter URL to Rip", paste the youtube video's URL to exitbox

5.Click the <OK> button, FlashRip start to rip the video.

6.After ripping video, FlashRip start to convert the local video file to audio(MP3,ACC).






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